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About Institution

Our company has started production with a facility of 100 square meters and currently continues its production with a mass facility of 850 square meters. Our pressure wound cleaning device is used in approximately 200 hospitals in our country, but it has almost cut the import of equivalent products. In our company; there are ultrasonic welding machine, shoe crimping machine, 160 tons (max 350gr), 210 tons (max 480gr) and 270 tons (max 800gr) plastic injection machines, crushing machine, sterilization machine, plastic extrusion machine, chiller machine, raw material mixing machines and silicone pressing machine. Foundation of class 10000 cleanroom was completed in September 2017.

There are plastic injection molds in various sizes within our company. On this note, especially within the medical sector, plastic injection services are catered to various sectors such as explosives, construction and furniture. In total, 14 million injection product services were provided in 2018. In addition, hoses and pipes, close to 850,000 meters, were produced.

Medtim Grup Medikal Ltd. Şti.