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Adjustable Speed Shut Off Device With Printer

With single line printer GM16L1PV- short name 20 GM
With double space printer GM16L2PV-short name 22 GM

Validation Process Technology that tests itself in accordance with TS EN ISO 11607-2 at first boot (and user request)
C€ certificate according to TS EN ISO 11607-2
8 to 16 m/min adjustable speed
Slow start mode for heavy packets
Forward and backward moving ability in case of emergency
Energy saving with stand by and sleep mode
5 passwords- protected entries
Up to 9999 product / set names and barcodes can be entered into memory
BBD and Bag width description for each product/set
Plain or reverse write, permanent, temporary counter and countdown, LOT, CE, STEAM, VH2O2, EO, LTSF, STERILE symbols
At least 20% faster bag production speed than its fastest competitor 320 units per hour!
Introduction of barcode numbers of defined sets with optional Barcode Reader, automatic new barcode number generation and printing barcodes
It monitors itself, stops in critical condition, gives error number on screen, error is prevented.
The settings are not deleted even if the power fails, the date is updated.
Connecting to optional computer
Endless product / set identification thanks to optional software & barcode reader
Can be connected to an optional external thermal printer
You can forget to shut down your computer but after a while it turns itself off.
At the end of the user-defined period, the device switches to "Sleep Mode" to save energy. It wakes up when you touch the screen!