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Clean Room Packaging

Clean rooms are hygienic rooms with a certain level of temperature, pressure, noise level and air mobility in a way that protects people, products, tools and equipment from bad odors, dust, particles, germs and microorganisms according to internationally accepted standards. It also contributes to controlling conditions such as air pressure, temperature and humidity.

Cleanrooms conform to the current definition in ISO 14644-1. These rooms minimize the rate of bacteria and etc that cause pollution in both the air and on the surfaces.

Clean Room Packaging Details

Clean rooms cover different areas such as personnel entrance, assembly packing and filling area. Cleanroom packaging includes all of these venues.

Air flow and special filtration systems are used. In the cleanroom, the amount of particles falling to the cubic meter ratio in the air of the rooms is reduced.

The systems ensure that the air in the room changes frequently. Clean rooms are highly preferred in the healthcare industry today.

Products to be sterilized through the cleanroom packaging service are packaged using Gas Paper or Tyvek. Then, the product is prepared for the ethylene oxide sterilization process.

Each of the packaging and manufacturing processes complies with both product and customer requirements.

Cleanroom packaging systems provide advantages in different ways. In the cleanroom, it is one of the biggest helpers of the products to reach the customer in a sterile form.