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Pressure Washer Wound

Pressure Washer Wound

Pressure washer wound is applied during the treatment of both chronic and acute wounds.

The application of Pulse Lavage has been clinically proven to be essential for both orthopaedic procedures and wound debridement. In arthroplasty, bone bed cleaning with a Pulse Lavage is a key aspect to the long-term survival of the prosthesis. In wound debridement, it effectively removes more than 90% of the necrotic tissues, contamination and bacteria, consequently reduces infections rates.

Pressure wound washer is designed accordingly to fulfill these functions. This ergonomic, low noise, light weight system offers both a powerful gear for orthopaedic applications and a gentle gear for soft tissue debridement. Concurrent suction and irrigation efficiently does its job without flooding the field. The system is delivered sterile and for single use.


A sterile liquid (usually saline) is applied to the entire wound area. After the material fully contacts the injured area, it transmits the pressure homogeneously to the surface.

What are the advantages of Pressure Washer Wound?

Pressure washer wound offers many advantages:

  • Ergonomic and comfortable handpiece
  • Short fan spray tip with splash shield
  • Long femoral canal tip
  • Integrated suction and irrigation
  • Local reduction in edema
  • Elimination of wound discharge
  • Stimulating blood flow in the injured area
  • Elimination of surgically complex situations